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Stainless Steel Tall Thermal Dual Wall Hydration Bottle

Stainless Steel Tall Thermal Dual Wall Hydration Bottle

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Capacity: 480 mL

A stainless steel bottle with a beautiful colour gradient that is perfect for everyday life.

This lightweight stainless steel bottle is easy to carry in your bag. The wide-mouth design makes it easy to fill with ice, 
all parts can be removed and washed. The inner bottle is equipped with a guard to prevent blowouts and ice from popping out. 
The color gradients creates a dreamy atmosphere, much like a picturesque sunrise at dawn, facing the ocean. 

Double wall, stainless steel vacuum insulated structure. Heat retention effect: 74 degrees or more (6 hours), cold retention effect: 6 degrees or less (6 hours)

Inner bottle: stainless steel, body: stainless steel (acrylic resin coating), lid/inner bottle: polypropylene, lid gasket/inner bottle packing: silicone rubber

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