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Grill Sand Maker Single Waffle Plate Attachment

Grill Sand Maker Single Waffle Plate Attachment

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You can easily make waffles for one person!

The dough is not sweet and can be used for meals or for sweets with fresh cream and fruits. An optional plate exclusively for "BRUNO Grill Sand Maker Single" that allows you to enjoy variations depending on your ideas.

Please use it by placing it in the 'BRUNO Grill Sand Maker Single' (sold separately). With beautiful grilled patterns, the dinning table will become gorgeous by just placing it on a plate.

This is an alternative attachment for the Grill Sand Maker Single Series

Care & Precautions

  • Be sure to slide the lever to attach / detach the plate.

Product Specifications

Material Plate: Aluminum alloy (inner fluororesin coating)
Product Dimension L20.8cm x W29.6cm x H2.7cm (per piece)
Gross Weight 470g
Product Weight 360g+- (per set)

Made in China

No warranty

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